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Northfield Nursery specialises in providing wholesale bespoke hanging baskets and planted containers to the hospitality industry, independent garden centres and local authorities.

We create and sell a range of different types and sizes of hanging basket, manger, trough or barrel that are planted with different recipes of flowers and plants to offer the best show throughout the year.

Our Spring/Summer baskets and containers are bursting with colour and variety, and our Autumn/Winter recipes add a splash of colour through the longer nights, whatever the weather.

Find out more about our baskets, mangers and barrels and see our standard range of sizes, prices and options.

If our standard range does not suit your needs we also accept special orders and commissions and would be extremely happy to work with you to design exactly what you require.  (For example you may some lampposts to addorn or unusual objects to fill.)


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Bespoke Planted Hanging Basket Design
We design hanging baskets to suit your particular requirements, whatever the mix of colours, plants or design style you have in mind.

Hospitality Installations
We work with the Hospitality Industry to install baskets and mangers in public houses, inns, hotels or bed & breakfast establishments.
See our Range

Wholesale Distribution
Our standard range is available to purchase on a wholesale basis by independent garden centres or other organisations.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements and options available.

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